Donate To The WasteShed



We will always accept these materials for donation, even when we are are not to accepting other items.

We also always need rubber bands,  lightbulbs and new or very clean tiny ziploc bags.



The WasteShed is only about 75% self-supporting through sales. We depend on small grants and donations from the people who love us to operate. Even a small donation can make a big difference for our ability to effectively serve the community, and we are hoping to expand our education programming. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.



Please get in touch if you’d like to donate:

Flat file

School-style tall locker






The WasteShed Call for Donations as of 3/17


All donations are subject to staff approval on site, so please bear with us. If you have any questions, please email  We accept donations at our 914 N California store from 11 am - 6 pm, Wednesday - Saturday. All donations must be in clean and in usable condition. We appreciate well-organized donations. 


**Popular/in-demand materials are starred, we will ALWAYS take these materials.**

Art supplies:
*Paint (except house paint and spray paint), *dyes, *brushes, *ink, *hot glue guns, art tools, stencils, chalk, pastels, glue, drawing utensils, *art pens, *permanent markers, *ceramic glazes, *pencil sharpeners, *mineral spirits, *resin, *cutting mats.

Craft supplies: 
Floral supplies, silk flowers, doll making supplies, candle wax, soap/candy molds, pipe cleaners, *googly eyes, pom-poms, craft foam, marbles, pins, board games/puzzles, jewelry, magnets, corks, *masks and mask forms.

*Copy paper, letterhead, rolls of paper, construction paper, cardstock, *art paper and pads, origami paper, posters.

Stickers, scrapbook paper, rubber stamps and stamp pads, calendars, playing cards, postcards, *National Geographics, select other magazines (please ask for details), *maps, old photos.

Fabric and Notions:
Fabric yardage only (1/2 yard and larger), yarn and knitting needles, fringe, cording, laces, lace, elastic, zippers, bobbins, thread, buttons, beads, sewing tools, *embroidery hoops, ribbon, Velcro, fasteners, leather, felt, patterns.

Office Supplies
Manila/hanging/accordion folders, binders, post-its, *thumbtacks, staples, paperclips, bull-clips, writing utensils, *dry erase markers, *scissors, hole-punches, staplers, tape dispensers, organizers, transparencies, sheet protectors, labels, envelopes, tape, *packing tape, *masking tape, notebooks, clipboards.

Foam core, poster board, mat board/plasticore, frames, old signs, plexiglass, silkscreens, vinyl lettering, photo albums, hanging hardware, *canvases (painted or new), easels.

Mason or baby food jars, tins, plastic organizer boxes, Rubbermaid tubs, jewelry boxes, buckets, cigar boxes, film canisters.

Party/Gift Supplies
Tissue paper, greeting cards, party decorations, ribbons, bows, rolls of gift wrap, gift bags, bubble wrap.

Architecture/Interior Design
Wallpaper, mosaic tile, paint swatches, mirrors.

Wire, keys, nails, screws, bottlecaps, drafting lamps, light kits, *Xacto knives, most smaller tools. working lightbulbs.


Materials we do not accept:

Items that are dirty or significantly damaged

Food or perishables





Food containers

Loose pieces of glass

Broken glass/ceramics

Computer hardware/software

VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, or their cases



Knick-knacks (figurines, ornaments, baskets)

Spray paint

House paint

Toxic or unidentifiable substances

Junk mail

Most magazines except vintage, National Geographic, and art magazines, please ask

Paper towel or toilet paper rolls, egg cartons


Fabric scraps under 1/2 yard


We will happily provide suggestions for other places to take items that we cannot accept. We appreciate your contribution, and we hope you can find some useful and inspiring materials at our store.


If you have any questions, please get in touch!

(773) 666-5997