Serving the chicago Creative and educational communities with a passion for Art and reuse


Our Mission

The WasteShed seeks to provide Chicago
with an organized, affordable, and reliable resource for repurposed art, craft, and school materials, and with a dynamic center for activities pertaining to sustainability, art,
craft, education, and material culture. We connect Chicagoans who are interested in: 

  • living more sustainably 
  • seeking inspiration in unconventional materials
  • getting the most out of the resources
    they have on hand
  • or just making projects at a low cost. 

While sustainability is the ultimate goal, creative reuse foregrounds practical, economical, and fun hands-on activities as points of entry into larger discussions about the things we own,
and the way we live. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to get mixed up in, please get in touch! 

Our People

Eleanor Ray is the Director of The WasteShed. She discovered creative
reuse as an installation and costume artist,
and developed her ideas in the nurturing environment of SCRAP PDX. She was also General Manager of the Creative Reuse Warehouse, and spearheaded their collaboration with the ReBuilding Exchange before plunging headfirst into the brackish waters of The WasteShed.

Francesca Dana is the Associate Director of The WasteShed and loves dogs and garbage. Fran is passionate about sustainable food systems design, the occult, and plant medicine. Fran graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where they focused on cultural studies and sustainability. 

Anna Jo Beck is the kind illustrator, designer and educator who applied her skills in visual arts and technology to create The WasteShed's website and print materials. See more of her work at her portfolio website.

Also, big thanks to Jessi Meliza for the video and it's animations above!


Click here for our brochure. Note that the most up-to-date list of materials that we accept is always here on our website, under the "Donate" tab. Stay tuned for an up-to-date brochure.

Eleanor, Director

Eleanor, Director

Francesca, Associate Director

Francesca, Associate Director

As of December 10th, 2015, The WasteShed is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit!
— The IRS